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Website Not Working

Is your website showing a white screen, a deformed design, or other errors? Don’t worry. The experienced team at WebIzzy will quickly identify and resolve any issues preventing your website from functioning correctly. Our experienced team of professionals will diagnose and troubleshoot your website to determine the root cause of the problem and resolve the issues quickly.

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Websites can develop errors due to numerous reasons. Your website can show a variety of errors. The most common error types are

  • A white screen – When you access your website, it shows a white screen.
  • Broken design- The website is loading, but the formatting is messed up.
  • Error codes displayed- The website is loading but showing error codes.
  • Database connection error – The website cannot connect to the database.
  • And many more.

Whatever the issue your website is experiencing, the WebIzzy team has seen it before and dealt with it. Our techs will evaluate the problem and fix it for you as quickly as possible.


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