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Website Maintenance Packages

Looking for professional & affordable website maintenance packages to keep your WordPress/WooCommerce website secure and error-free? Secure your peace of mind with WebIzzy’s website maintenance service.

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Are you worried about the security of your WordPress/WooCommerce? Need a reliable team to help keep your website secure and error-free? Leave all your website security and maintenance worries to our experienced team. With your website maintenance package purchase, we take this task off your list.

The WebIzzy team will handle regular updates for WordPress plugins, themes, and core WordPress software. Your website maintenance package purchase comes with a regular backup of your website files and database, and it can be used to bring your website back online in case your website is inaccessible due to hosting or any other unforeseen issues.

Website Audit

The first step to start with the maintenance of your website is an audit of the current state of your website. The website audit will include the following:

  • Review of the website coding structure
  • Free virus and malware scan
  • Installing required security and firewall plugins to enhance security.
  • Deleting any unused themes and plugins
  • Ensure licenses for all paid plugins are up to date.
  • Deleting any extra administrative users


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