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Optimize Product images for Speed Optimization

Own a website or an e-commerce store, and it’s running slow; unoptimized images might be the culprit. Using optimized images can reduce load time and thus enhance user experience. So, if you want to optimize images for your business website or e-commerce store, the WebIzzy team makes it happen for you.

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On average, images are about 21% of the page’s overall weight. So, if your website or online store uses un-optimized images, it might run slower than it should be. Nobody likes slow websites. Your users/customers might leave your website due to a slow website.

At WebIzzy, we have seen websites with the following image issues:

  • Using images with large dimensions – Often, website/e-commerce store owners upload huge images with sizes of a few MBs for each image.
  • No image compression – Image compression is the process of reducing the file size of an image using image-optimizing software while maintaining an acceptable level of image quality. Most website/e-commerce store owners are not aware of image compression.
  • Incorrect image format – There are several formats, each appropriate for a different purpose. PNG image is high quality but has a larger file size and is unsuitable for websites and products (except for a few particular scenarios). On the other hand, JPEG images can have good quality with the balance for the image file size.


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