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My WordPress Website is Hacked

Is your website hacked? Don’t panic. While a hacked website can be a nightmare, the WebIzzy team can work with you to fix your website as quickly as possible. Further WebIzzy team can identify the cause of hacking and plug it in to protect it from future attacks. So, if your website is hacked, the WebIzzy team is here to help.

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Is your website misbehaving? It might be hacked. Check the list below to see if any signs exist for your website:

  • Your website is suddenly slow or unresponsive.
  • There are unknown or suspicious files or codes on the website.
  • Your website redirects to a different URL or shows unwanted pop-ups.
  • Your website is showing unfamiliar content or links.
  • Your website is blacklisted by search engines or security tools.
  • There are unknown or suspicious user accounts on the website.
  • Your website is sending spam emails or unauthorized emails.
  • Your website’s SEO ranking has dropped significantly.
  • Your website’s CMS login credentials are not working or have been changed without your knowledge.
  • Your website displays warning messages or error pages.

If you notice these signs or suspect your website has been hacked, contact the WebIzzy team immediately. We will fix your hacked website as soon as possible.

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  1. (verified owner)

    Thank you, WebIzzy, for saving my hacked WordPress website! I was devastated when I discovered my website had been compromised. But your team swooped in, assessed the situation, and quickly resolved the security breach. Your expertise and swift action gave me peace of mind and restored my website to its original state. I couldn’t be happier with the results and the exceptional service I received. I highly recommend WebIzzy to anyone dealing with a hacked WordPress website. They are truly lifesavers!

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