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Add new products to my e-commerce website

This service is designed for e-commerce businesses wanting to expand their product range and stay competitive. WebIzzy’s team of experienced professionals will help you add new products to your online store efficiently and accurately.

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We designed this service for busy e-commerce business owners like you to leave all new product addition and updates to our WebIzzy team, so you can focus on growing your business. We take care of all the technical nitty-gritty for you. Our team will ensure that your products are added quickly, accurately, and efficiently, so you can continue to provide your customers with an exceptional shopping experience.
WebIzzy’s e-commerce management team is well-versed in Shopify and WooCommerce platforms. Our team will handle the following tasks when adding new products:

  • Product Information: The WebIzzy team can work with the provided product information or collect all the necessary product information from supplier/third-party websites.
  • Product Categorization: We will categorize the new products according to your website’s existing product categories based on the instructions received.
  • Image Optimization: We will crop and optimize the images to ensure they are of the highest quality and compressed to improve website loading speed.
  • Product Upload: Once all information is ready, the WebIzzy team will add the products to your website and ensure that all product information is accurate and consistent.
  • Product Testing: Our team will test the new products to ensure they display and function correctly on your website.


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