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Add Live Chat to my website

Adding live chat to your website can be a great way to improve customer support and engagement. Live chat can help improve customer support, engagement, and satisfaction, leading to increased conversions and revenue for your business. Many live chat providers are available, such as LiveChat, Zendesk Chat, and Tawk.to. Whatever chat service you want, the WebIzzy team can set it on your website.

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Looking to improve customer support and satisfaction, increase sales and conversions, gather customer feedback, and leverage live chat for your website? Whether in a service business or operating an e-commerce website, quick responses to customer questions can go a long way. According to a study by Neil Patel, websites that use live chat have an average of 50% higher engagement than websites that don’t.

  • Improved customer support: Live chat allows businesses to provide fast and efficient customer support to website visitors in real-time. It can help to resolve issues quickly and prevent customer frustration.
  • Increased sales and conversions: By using live chat to engage with website visitors, businesses can provide personalized product recommendations, answer questions, and provide additional information that can help to convert visitors into customers.
  • Improved customer satisfaction: Live chat can help to improve customer satisfaction by providing a convenient and easy way for visitors to get the help they need while browsing your website.
  • Cost-effective: Live chat can be a cost-effective way to provide customer support compared to traditional support channels like phone and email.
  • Competitive advantage: By offering live chat for websites, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and provide a better overall user experience for their customers.
  • Data collection and analysis: depending on the chat service you select, you can leverage the in-built analytics and reporting features to help businesses track customer behavior and preferences, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.


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