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Add Facebook Chat Messenger to My Website

Want to leverage Facebook Chat Messenger to connect with your customers on Facebook Messenger- the WebIzzy team can help. The WebIzzy team can add this powerful chat messenger to your website so your website visitors can click on the chat button and connect with your business via Messenger conversations.

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If you plan to use Facebook Messenger for customer support or increase sales, it is a very efficient platform. Unlike traditional chat platforms, you are connected with your customers once they communicate with you through Facebook Chat messenger. Here are some key reasons you should consider using Facebook Chat for your website:

  • Real-time communication: Facebook Chat provides a quick and easy way for website visitors to communicate with you in real-time. It can improve customer support and satisfaction by providing instant answers and feedback.
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Using Facebook Chat on your website can provide quick and efficient customer support, leading to higher customer satisfaction. According to a study by Facebook, businesses that responded to customer inquiries within 5 minutes had a 90% response rate and increased customer satisfaction by 22%.
  • Familiarity: Many people are already familiar with Facebook Messenger and use it regularly, so using Facebook Chat on your website can make it easier for them to communicate with you.
  • Personalization: Facebook Chat allows you to personalize your communication with visitors by addressing them by name and using their profile picture.
  • Build your Facebook Contact list & improve engagement: As your visitors can connect with you via Facebook Chat Messenger, such users will be added to your contact list, just like a traditional email list. Use this new communication stream, and you can send Facebook Messenger broadcasts. Messenger broadcasts enjoy a 92% open rate and an 11% click-through rate.
  • Multi-device support: Facebook Chat can be accessed from various devices, including desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones, making it convenient for visitors to communicate with you no matter where they are.


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